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Loanguru Mortgage isn't One-Size-Fits-All

Through our marketplace, we craft a personalized home financing journey tailored to your unique needs


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Your Swift Home Financing Journey with Loanguru Mortgage
  • Discover the Best: Instant rate quotes harnessing the marketplace, ensuring lowest rates and potential lender credits for closing costs.

  • Personalized Insight: Consultations tailored for you. Explore programs with credit scores as low as 580 and down payments from 1% to 3%.

  • Risk-Free Analysis: Apply online with only a soft credit pull, thoroughly assessing credit, income, and finances.

  • Prompt Response: Experience the efficiency of same-day pre-approvals.

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Mortgage Solutions

Loanguru Mortgage offers a range of mortgage solutions

Dive into tailored mortgage solutions from comprehensive credit analysis to programs accommodating low credit scores. Your financial history won’t hold you back with us.

Whether it’s low down payments, piggyback HELOCs, government-backed or conventional loans and mortgage solutions , we’ve got diverse options to fit your unique needs.

From jumbo loans to an expansive range of investment loan products, we ensure every home buyer finds the perfect match for their portfolio.