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Housing Market Outlook: Between Recession and Stability

The general pulse of the US economy seems optimistic in recent days. With vigorous consumer spending and the Consumer Price Index (CPI) inching nearer to the Federal Reserve’s aimed inflation figures, the economic environment suggests stability ahead. However, when it comes to the housing market, the broader economic trends might not necessarily dictate the pace.

Based on recent analyses, the housing market is expected to remain steady regardless of broader economic swings. The key takeaways are:

  • Home sales will likely stay within certain bounds whether the economy faces a downturn or not.
  • If a recession does occur, housing affordability and inventory may benefit from decreasing interest rates. However, this could be counteracted by factors like a weakened job market, stricter credit checks, and a potential shift in consumer behavior towards saving.
  • On the flip side, if the economy stays buoyant, existing challenges in housing inventory, affordability concerns, and implications of interest rate dynamics might still pose challenges to home sales.

Current projections indicate that the total home sales could be around 4.90 million units in 2023. This figure, if accurate, would represent a decline of 13.6% year-over-year, aligning with some of the lowest sales figures in recent years. Yet, optimism persists for 2023, with a slight projected growth of 0.6% to 4.93 million units.

In terms of home loan originations, the prediction stands at approximately $1.60 trillion for this year. Looking ahead, 2023 might see a rise to $1.92 trillion, marking an optimistic shift from previous expectations.

Concerning the looming question of a potential recession, predictions lean towards a mild economic downturn by next year. As Doug Duncan from a leading economic institution aptly pointed out, “Never underestimate the US consumer. Even with financial challenges like increasing credit costs and reduced savings, the consumer spending spirit remains undeterred, thanks in part to diminishing inflation. However, we can’t ignore the implications of a stricter monetary policy.”

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